Achieve Greatness with Social Media

Lead Your Clients to Social Media Greatness

Become their marketing hero...

With the power to control a brand's social media, you can have a significant and lasting impact on it's future... and the lives of the people who work for it.

Shouldn't you do everything you can to deliver amazing results?

It's our mission to help you change those lives, as well as your own.

People connect with people they know, like and trust.
It's all about building a relationship - being social.

You have the power to help build those relationships for the brands you manage.

We provide the tools, knowledge and support to:

Listen to your market

The Contetto app can track mentions and messages on your social channels, so you'll understand what people are saying. You'll learn what content is needed, how you can better engage with your readers, and have a chance to chime in and help when people are asking questions!

Build relationships

You can reply directly to conversations from within the Contetto desktop and mobile app, and publish social media and blog posts to provide insight to your entire audience.

Enhance Your Skills

While using the Contetto app to publish your valuable content, our expert marketers will provide you with the materials and guidance you need to do it right.

Save Time and Effort

The Contetto marketing tool makes managing one, or many, social media accounts and blogs, far more efficient.

Attract more clients

We'll show you the exact materials and processes we use to attract our marketing clients.

See it in action

Watch the demo video to see how it works!

Contetto is more than just a social media marketing app

We Provide the Tools, Knowledge and Support You Need to Achieve Greatness with Social Media

Contetto is your marketing headquarters

The Tools you need

Action plans, checklists and a powerful, complete, social media marketing app

The Knowledge to proceed

Lessons, tutorials, guides and swipe files will give you the confidence and clarity to do social media right.

The Support to succeed

Our support desk is staffed by certified marketing experts. It's our mission to help you achieve greatness, we're here to help.

Ready To Grow !

Imagine the time you'd save...

What if you never had to track down materials, nag clients, or wait around for slow approval processes?

Freedom is an amazing feeling.

Don't spend all of your time chasing your "team" around - get them all engaged...

Let Contetto remind your team members about tasks and approvals!

Follow Contetto's guidance, mix in your own creativity, and you'll experience:

Less stress

Stop worrying about what's being said, or if you're running each of your client's marketing properly. Let the app keep you informed, and our guides keep you on track.

Happier Followers

Learn how to excite and engage your followers, using your blog and social media the way it's supposed to be used; to provide unique value to the lives of your prospects and customers.

Greater Success

Becoming known in your market, and publishing the right kind of content, will bring more opportunities to you down the road. You'll help the brands you manage grow, and advance your career in the process.

Grateful Clients and Customers

Your whole team will love the added marketing insights you gain, and how your content better connects with their audience, builds more "Know, Like and Trust" with their brand, and ultimately drives more sales.

Start Using
Social Media Effectively

Start Getting Results from your Social Media in less time, Make more sales, grow awareness and increase retention while reducing cost, time commitment and effort.

Work Less, Grow More & Stay Organized

Managing social media (properly) can be time consuming...

Constantly creating content...

always having to ask around your clients what to post about...

You know that you can't just feed memes and recycled content to your followers.

You've got to write content in Wordpress (or maybe even Word) then get it approved and publish it... You need to copy and paste around to the different social media platforms and make little spreadsheets of when and where you plan to post...

You look over at your dry erase whiteboard for what things you need to check on and post about today...

The sea of emails, nest of dropbox folders, and pile of random Google Docs are all over the place...

Then a notification pops up: "@RandomCustomer on Twitter: 'I don't understand this invoice your company sent me!"

You take a second to realize which account this is... scroll through the invoice photo she sent - and realize you have no idea how to resolve it. So, you fire off an email to your client, and reply "Thanks for getting in touch - I'm sorry the invoice isn't clear, let me have a manager give you a call ASAP!"

Well, the client didn't check his email... and you forgot all about it, being so busy creating new content...

Turns out, @RandomCustomer really didn't appreciate being ignored... so they leave bad reviews on basically every review page with your client's name on it they can find...

...but nobody at the company really monitors for brand mentions and reviews. So @RandomCustomer continues to be ignored, and future prospects are disturbed by the review they see...

The clients blames you, you blame the client, the company loses what happens to be one if it's best customers, and has to invest in public relations campaigns to try to repair the damage...

Don't Let @RandomCustomer be Ignored!

Let Contetto remind you, and your team, about tasks, assignments, mentions and inbox items that need to be resolved.

Flag inbox items and mentions for clients to review... while maintaining reminders for yourself...

It's your duty to ensure every social media inquiry gets a proper response.

What if @RandomCustomer received that callback...

What if you followed up, or Contetto reminded your manager about the issue...

What if that invoicing issue led to a conversation. A conversation that led to discovering more ways your client can help @RandomCustomer

Infact, because you (or Contetto) made sure @RandomCustomer received that follow-up, she actually started spending more money with the company - and she not only left good reviews, she told her friends about the service...

This could happen EVERY DAY...

...but, it's hard to remember to follow-up with everyone - especially since you're so busy. So, why not...

Spend Less Time Creating Content

Recycle content as appropriate, stop copy/pasting it everywhere, and let your team members jump in and help!

Keep Your Documents, Files and Communications More Organized

Instead of spreadsheets, Dropbox, Google Drive, piles of emails and a dry erase whiteboard, why not get everyone and everything organized in one place? You can manage as many brands as you need - keeping their data separate.

Plan and Discuss Campaigns with Your Team

Whiteboards and spreadsheets are great - if you love re-writing things over and over... plan your campaigns the right way; use a dedicated campaign planning interface. With a chat room and your ideas as draft posts you can actually convert to scheduled posts when you're ready.

Let Contetto Prompt and Remind You when New Content and Tasks are Coming Due

Set a schedule and drop in content as it's ready... let Contetto keep track of when you'll run out of scheduled posts, and alert you ahead of time. It will also keep track of assignments and tasks, reminding everyone about what needs to get done.

Write in One Place

Create your Wordpress posts, highlight and grab the snippets for social media, schedule the article to publish and confirm the social media follow-up schedule, all in one screen.

Get the Most Out of Your Blog Content

Use those amazing blog articles to grow your retargeting lists, over and over again, and reduce the number of new articles you need to produce, with automated social posts to keep driving more traffic.

Stop Guessing, Start Growing

You're probably like most of us...

You have an idea how you can use social media to grow your business...

You may have even tried growing a social media following. Perhaps you posted some blogs, tweets and posts already - but nobody came, called or made a purchase....

Maybe you already have customers or followers that love you, but they didn't really "find" you on the internet... or maybe you don't have any customers at all yet...

If you're in this boat... you're not alone.

It's where all of us started. It's normal. Don't worry.

We can get you moving in the right direction.

Take a few minutes (seconds?) to answer a few multiple choice questions, and we'll show you exactly how this whole "internet marketing" thing works.

Or - if you want to work a bit more efficiently - you can start using the Contetto app, along with the tutorials, to start taking action and growing immediately. (Or just set up an account and point your marketing director/social media manager to it).

Just don't keep waiting, take the first step.... head down the path to greatness with social media...


Get and Delight More Clients - Make More Money

Use Contetto to increase your marketing knowledge, refine your offering, and manage social media for your business. We'll show you how to attract, close and provide better results for marketing clients.

Increase Your Client's Revenue

You know the drill..
Increase revenue... reduce costs... that's the bottom line goal for any company...
Well, effective social media can help grow any business. If you do it right, social media can attract new customers and opportunities. Contetto helps you do social media the right way.

Save Time

Let Contetto schedule and publish your content and follow-ups, as well as monitor your social channels. Contetto will prompt you when you need to create more content, or take a look at a mention, comment or direct message.

Contetto Simplifies Social Media Management

Stop guessing when, where and what to post. Social media and blogging will become a more convenient part of your routine, as Contetto's email, sms and (ios/android) push notifications let you know what needs to be done.

It Keeps Your Marketing Organized

The dashboard, inbox, outbox and marketing calendars keep your content, conversations and inquiries conveniently organized and accessible.

Connect with Marketing Experts

Our team is here for you. We love to connect with our clients and get to know their business - we've even been known to refer our friends to our client's businesses. We're here to help you succeed with social media marketing. Never be afraid to ask a question, and never feel lost and alone again.

Social Media Gets Easier

It's so much easier to build and maintain momentum when you know what the next logical step is, and how to take it. That's why we pair our learning portal, guidance emails and action plans with our awesome marketing app.

Avoid the Problems Most People Experience

Following the guidance in the learning portal, and using the marketing troubleshooter, you'll avoid the common mistakes that cost businesses time, money and sometimes even reputation.

Save Your Clients Money

Your clients will love you...
Reduce the cost of managing online marketing, reduce customer refunds, increase retention and protect your brand's reputation by being more organized and connected.

Get Better Insight

Use the app to listen to what your markets are saying, see how certain posts and content are performing and track the growth of your brands' social engagement and following.

Learn Marketing Skills

Our marketers share the lessons we've learned. We've studied, practiced, analyzed and organized our knowledge and experience - and we're constantly adding more. Marketing skills are valuable to anyone trying to get themselves into the right job, grow a following or sell their products or services.

Contetto is the Best Tool for the Job

Reach anyone, anywhere...

Stop Using Spreadsheets

Like to plan your content ahead of time? Great! Contetto has campaign planning, review systems, assignment management and drafts. With Contetto, you can finally stop creating content in multiple places.

Control Your Blog AND Your Social Media

Contetto integrates with your Wordpress site to allow you to schedule and publish posts - including "slug" and category management - perfect for retargeting and SEO efforts.

Contetto Grows with Your Agency

Contetto accounts scale from 1 person with 1 social account, to unlimited companies, brands and multiple sets of team members. Collaboration, permissions, privacy and control are all baked into the system.

Don't fall for "content automation" and "A.I."...

Our developers are experienced with "A.I." and Machine Learning. We apply it to analytics and insights, but don't be fooled by companies that claim to automate your content.

You cannot (fully) automate content.

Your content must be unique, valuable and congruent with your brand's tone and personality to be effective.

Your Team Can Produce Content Faster

We'll provide content templates, scripts and show you how you can produce the majority of your content with very little writing - or (safely) use the owner and other staff members to produce content as a team.

We even have materials that help your team learn to be a better writers!

You CAN Get Traffic

Already have a blog or website?

Nobody visiting it?

We'll show you how to drive highly targeted traffic to the right materials, with very little cost or effort.

You CAN Grow a Following

People want to consume valuable content..

Valuable content can be anything from educational or useful information to entertaining or exciting materials - picture, text, video, audio - it doesn't matter...

Whatever you have seen, done, learned or experienced - there's someone else out there who would find it interesting.

We'll show you what kind of content gets engagement, and how to grow a following with it.

You CAN Grow ANY Type of Business

You aren't selling to a company or government body... you're selling to people!

You can become more visible to the right people, and establish your brand as an authority in it's market.

You can get people through the door, you just need to convince your prospects that your company has what they need, and that they can "Know, Like and Trust" it...

Contetto Can Be Used To

Get More Sales

Use social influencing to attract potential customers with valuable, authoritative content. Retarget visitors via their social channels with relevant offers. Engage leads and customers to ascend your brand's value ladder. Talk to your customers and get reviews, testimonials and referrals. Make your company grow.

Streamline Your Work

- Write in one place
- Communicate in one place
- Spend less time writing content
- Stop chasing down team members
- Plan content and campaigns as a team
- Never forget to respond to a follower
- Let Contetto tell you what needs to be done

Impress the Boss

Help the company grow, get better insight into market changes, public relations and customer opinion. Show the boss how valuable you are to the team.

Improve Customer Service

Know immediately when someone comments, DMs or mentions your brand. Respond directly, flag necessary items for management, and never forget about unresolved inquiries.

Connect with the Market

The more you engage with followers, customers, influencers, potential partners and your team, the better you'll understand the market. Use this insight to deliver better results and give valuable feedback to the management team.

Enhance Public Relations

Social media is a great for public relations. Not only can you directly address public concerns with articles and videos, you can do it live and in engaging ways. Track the sentiment of comments and mentions, and use the insights to craft better received content.

Organize Your Team

If everyone believes in the company's vision, they should be a part of the marketing team. Connect with team members to manage inquiries and generate more content, while staying organized.

Handle Multiple Brands

Contetto lets you work on multiple brands at once, while keeping the team members and data separate. There's no need to jump around to multiple accounts - sign in once and stay organized.

Recruit New Talent

Place a help wanted ad, poach talent from the competition or start head hunting - social media is great for networking with potential new team members. Contetto will help you keep track of your conversations - and our learning portal will help to train up less experienced marketers.

Discover New Opportunities

Use social networking to discover new opportunities for the business... Connect with influencers who can help your connect with your brand's target audience... Find joint venture opportunities and affiliates who can increase sales. Move the needle and help the company grow faster.

So, What is Contetto Worth?

Remember, it's not just a marketing app....You get access to:

The Tools you need

Action plans, checklists and a powerful, complete, social media marketing app.

The Knowledge to proceed

Lessons, tutorials, guides and swipe files will give you the confidence and clarity to do social media right.

The Support to succeed

Our support desk is staffed by certified marketing experts. It's our mission to help you achieve greatness, we're here to help.

Hours of Saved Time

Think about the time you'll save...

No more chasing down team members... Contetto can save you hours of time, every week, just be automatically reminding everyone of what needs to be done!

No more copy/pasting content all over the place... As a social media manager, placing content in the right spots is a huge part of the job. Writing content in one place, and having the system send it where it needs to be can save you time every day.

Get the most out of your current content... Your blog articles can be recycled, if you do it right. Contetto can automatically post follow-up social posts, without you having to schedule them. You'll spend less time creating new content, and less time re-posting old content.

No more transferring whiteboards to spreadsheets to scheduling tools... plan and discuss campaigns as a team, in the specially designed planning rooms... and turn thoughts into actual posts.

Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue

You know it's what management wants to hear...

Good thing its true!

Contetto's guides, mixed with your creativity and efforts, will help you attract more customers, increase buyer frequency and recency of current customers, discover new opportunities to grow, and reduce refunds.

So, What Does Contetto Cost?

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You need to take action if you want to succeed.

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