March 7, 2017    4:00 am
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How to use a hashtag

How to use a hashtag

Hashtags are an awesome way to help group relevant topics and content together on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! There are some do’s and don’ts that are good to follow when trying to get your hashtags to work for your business.

The do’s

  1. Group your hash tagged post with images. This creates more relevant content for the person viewing the hashtag
  2. Do not throw hashtags throughout your boost. It is best practice to group them at the end so the content does not become hard to read
  3. Use hashtags that are popular and trending. Make sure they are relevant but grouping a post with other popular posts is a great way to get traction!

The Don’ts

  1. do #not #hashtag #every #word
  2. #donotmakeyourhashtagshardtoread
  3. Do not abuse trendy hash tags just to get on the popular page