December 27, 2016    10:43 pm
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Fake Facebook news and how it could affect you

We all know that Facebook can be flooded with news articles that we scroll by without a second look. Recently Facebook has decided that it will “weed out some stories” and that the organization will have fact checkers to see if the news story is credible. The fact checkers will go through stories and if they are not credible they will rank lower in what people will see on their newsfeeds.

This has all come to light after the 2016 election where Donald Trump was elected. There were news articles like “The pope endorses Donald Trump” etc. Articles like this could sway the voting population and when they are untrue facts it is not right to sway the minds of people who read a headline and believe it. So… The fact checker could be a good thing for things like this but; we need to understand to be curious readers. If you are unsure about something you read, look into it further find a secondary source that is credible. Just like Mom and Dad taught us… Don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

We will keep you posted as more facts and information comes to light on this topic!