April 3, 2017    4:37 am
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How can you use social media for product promotion?


Why should you promote your product on social media? Today we are all accustomed to purchasing products online and seeing products being promoted are no different, many people have opted out traditional marketing and have started spending their time and money on promotions on social media.

Before you start your marketing plans you should ensure you have some established and engaged social media pages. What does an engaged page look like? You don’t need to get 1000’s of likes or follows a day to be an engaging page, just make sure people are interacting with your business… This creates a trustworthy and genuine relationship with your viewers as well as gives you a larger reach to promote your products! If you only have 3 followers your efforts promoting a product may not be worth it as your audience is not large enough! We recommend using at least Facebook, Twitter and depending on your brand Instagram. Once you have these pages established it is a great way to promote your product to your viewers! Check out our other blogs on how to create engagement and get people to your pages.

If you are an eCommerce business this is somewhere you will see a great return of investment, you can track and see that the promotions you are doing on social media are translating into sales on your website! We recommend posting a blurb about the product with an image and a click through link to get the customers onto your website.

Seeing the ROI as a brick and mortar business can be a little harder as you may not know when the promotions you have been doing online are bringing in new customers. We still recommend reaching out and promoting your business online but use your face to face interactions with customers to your advantage, ask them how they heard about your business or the promotion going on. We always recommend if you have something you can sell online to add an ecommerce presence to your website as this could help you increase sales and boost promotions long term.