February 10, 2017    4:39 am
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Instagram stories

Many people have started using Instagram stories lately and from our perspective… we love it! For both users and business owners this is a WIN! Having one centralised platform to share images and more personal outtakes via the stories is a great step forward from Instagram. It also makes snapchat a little less lucrative since businesses and influencers usually have a large following on Instagram it makes it easier for your followers to see your personal outtakes and videos instead of transferring to another app. 

Why should you use live stories? Instagram posts are great for creating visual engagement by often it does not open a discussion or give you much behind the scenes. Instagram stories allows you to share fun and even promotional videos or (boomerangs) and it gives a more personal feel as it allows you to share a less edited version of your life or business. 

We think Instagram stories are a big win for social media, granted it seems VERY similar to Instagram but it allows everything to be centralised and that is what we at Contetto are all about! We love making social media easy and Instagram has done just that!