March 17, 2017    4:52 am
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Scheduled post vs. real time post … What gets better engagement?

Scheduled post vs. real time post … What gets better engagement?

There is yes or no answer to this question but many variables that should be taken into consideration. Scheduling post can save so much time and effort in the long run…

Do people see scheduled posts as one off and robotic? Yes and No… The key is you need to engage the viewers, when people ask a question or comment on the post respond in a timely manner which makes the post much more engaging. If you make a scheduled post and never go and look at it again people will start to see that your “marketing campaign” is all scheduled and there is no back and forth and engagement which could potentially cause people to lose interest.

Do people want to engage more in a real time post that they can see has not been scheduled? Yes and No… People like to see that the page is active so if they have a question they can expect a response in a timely manner and they may be more inclined to engage on your post.

So what do we recommend?

A mixture of both! Scheduling posts is an amazing way to draft up all your campaign and posts for the next little while but we do encourage a spontaneous post or two on your social media page. We always encourage people to actively monitor their social media pages and get back to viewers as soon as possible as this creates a positive relationship!