Achieve Greatness with Social Media

You are a blogger...

Maybe you're already experienced with writing and publishing your work on the internet...

...maybe you've just started to get inspired.

You love idea of sharing your experience and insight with the world, as a way of earning a living...

...or maybe you're a writer for hire, with the goal of obtaining more clients...

whether you've built a following already, or you're just starting out...

The internet needs more people like you.

It's people like you who keep the internet engaging.

It's your fresh, valuable, content that gives the internet it's value.

If you want to:

access more readers

write for more clients

grow a following

earn more money

make the job of being a blogger easier, by using a better tool, so you can

enjoy the freedom a blogger lifestyle can offer

and help improve the lives of thousands, or millions of readers...

we can help you!

It's YOU that makes the content special,

and YOU that can become the BEST at what you love to do.




YOU - your vision - and your desire for more is the reason that you CAN build and become exactly what you desire.

If you need to REACH the RIGHT PEOPLE - social media is an amazing TOOL

If you want to HELP others by bringing INSPIRATION, JOY or RELIEF to their lives - social media can HELP YOU do it

If you want to be free to travel and set your own hours, you can use social media to TRANSFORM the way you make a living.

Contetto is a way forward...

not just a tool for managing your social media.

We are your COACH, your SUPPORT, your COMMUNITY and your SYSTEM for success.

If you are commited to achieving MORE. We are committed to helping you.

If you are driven to improve, YOU BELONG in our community.

It's not SKILL that is standing in your way...

It's not the ability to use technology, grow a following, create a product to sell or run internet marketing campaigns.

These are things we can help you with.

It's not a lack of MARKETING KNOWLEDGE or even MONEY.

We can teach you what you need to know.

Our pricing is designed with our mission to HELP YOU GROW in mind,

and we can show you how VERY LITTLE INVESTMENT - less than you spend on coffee and snacks - can help you start building the momentum you need.


As a motivated and driven individual, you'll succeed no matter what...

but there are so many ways to SAVE TIME, MONEY and HEARTACHE by connecting with a COMMUNITY of people who are just like you, and want to help.

Just imagine a few short weeks from now...

TODAY you started learning HOW to position yourself, what it takes to achieve what you desire, and how to leverage the internet and social media to make it happen...

just by accessing your new community's learning portal...

...and, maybe, asking your new friends a few questions along the way.

You learned

how internet marketing works, as a whole...

how to attract more writing clients using social media

how to ensure your writing delivers results

and how to use social media to find interested readers and bring them to your content

A few days from now...

You've spent a couple hours each day, in between your day job and social activities, to follow the workbook, guides and materials that your friendly new coach has sent you...

You're starting to really picture how it all works... and it's exciting!

A week or two from now...

You've built up a marketing plan, you know how social media can help you achieve your goals,

and you are configuring your powerful new marketing system to

automatically keep you on track,

give you insight into your market,

and help make social media an invaluable part of your routine.

A month or so from now...

You've learned how to get your own website, blog and social media presence set up...

You're developing the content that will help influence your market... just by following the checklists and templates...

You've started to publish a few articles, and the system is automatically publishing follow up posts on a regular basis...

... and you started learning more about effective social networking, low-cost advertising and how to use retargeting and email to attract the right kind of people, and forge the kind of relationships that will help you achieve your goals...

A few months from now...

You've learned a bit more, refined your content, started some advertising campaigns, and you're starting to see solid traffic, followers, engagement and subscribers...

After another few weeks, you feel like a marketing rockstar - you see clearly how social media works... and your content, market insight, and relationships are starting to build a bit of momentum...

You keep going...

Pushing a little more, creating a little more content, refining your positioning and offer...

The Contetto app keeps pushing you to stay on track, keeps publishing your content, and keeps letting you know when people are talking about you... social media is a part of your routine,

and you're on the path to greatness.

...but what if you didn't start today?

What if you, instead, went to Google and typed in "how to use social media to _____"

You read some half-baked article - it made sense, but didn't really tell you the 'next step'...

You created a Facebook page, wrote some thoughts on a free cookie-cutter blog page, and harassed your friends to check it out... but it really went nowhere...

and a few months from now...

you just gave up on social media!

PLEASE, don't give up!

Don't wind up lost and posting on Yahoo Answers, Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit and everywhere else you can think of asking for help, but never taking the RIGHT action...

We want to see you succeed. We're here to help...

You Inspire Others

You see what others don't...

Your insights, whatever they are, bring joy or relief to the lives of your readers

Shouldn't you help as many people as you can?

It's our mission to help you change those lives, as well as your own.

People connect with people they know, like and trust.

It's all about building a relationship - being social.

Luckily, social media lets us easily connect with potential customers...

We provide the tools, knowledge and support to :

Listen to your market

The Contetto app can track mentions and messages on your social channels, so you'll understand what people are saying. You'll learn what content is needed, how you can better engage with your readers, and have a chance to chime in and help when people are asking questions!

Build relationships

While using the Contetto app to publish your valuable content, our expert marketers will provide you with the materials and guidance you need to do it right.

See it in action

Watch the demo video to see how it works!

Contetto is more than just a social media marketing app

We Provide the Tools, Knowledge and Support You Need to Achieve Greatness with Social Media

Contetto is your marketing headquarters

The Tools you need

Action plans, checklists and a powerful, complete, social media marketing app

The Knowledge to proceed

Lessons, tutorials, guides and swipe files will give you the confidence and clarity to do social media right.

The Support to succeed

Our support desk is staffed by certified marketing experts. It's our mission to help you achieve greatness, we're here to help.

Ready To Grow !

Focus on What You Love

Do you love what you do?

Freedom is an amazing feeling.

Don't spend all of your time worrying about your marketing. Enjoy the freedom to focus on what you love.

Let Contetto prompt you when it's time to share a little more of your insight with the world.

Follow Contetto's guidance, mix in your own creativity, and you'll experience:

Less stress

Stop worrying about what's being said, or if you're running your marketing properly. Let the app keep you informed, and our guides keep you on track.

Happier Customers

Learn how to excite and engage your followers, using your blog and social media.

Greater Success

Becoming known in your market, and publishing the right kind of content, will bring more opportunities to you down the road.

Grateful Clients

If you blog for businesses, your client's will love the added marketing insights you gain, and how your content better connects with their audience, builds more "Know, Like and Trust" with their brand, and ultimately drives more sales.

Start Using
Social Media Effectively

Start Getting Results from your Social Media in less time, Make more sales, grow awareness and increase retention while reducing cost, time commitment and effort.

Stop Guessing, Start Growing

You're probably like most of us...

You have an idea how you can use social media to grow your following - whether it's your own blog followers, attracting more clients to write for, or growing a following for the company or clients you work for.

You may have even tried growing a social media following. Perhaps you posted some blogs, tweets and posts already - but nobody came, called or made a purchase...

Maybe you already have customers or followers that love you, but they didn't really "find" you on the internet... or maybe you don't have any customers at all yet...

If you're in this boat... you're not alone.

It's where all of us started. It's normal. Don't worry.

We can get you moving in the right direction.

No matter if you are growing your own following with the goal to sell advertising, affiliate products or your own... or you are working for a company, or multiple companies, hoping to get more work and deliver better results...

Take a few minutes (seconds?) to answer a few multiple choice questions, and we'll show you exactly how this whole "internet marketing" thing works.

Or - if you want to work a bit more efficiently - you can start using the Contetto app, along with the tutorials, to start taking action and growing immediately.

Just don't keep waiting, take the first step.... head down the path to greatness with social media...

Make More Money

Effective social media can help grow any business. If you do it right, social media can attract new customers and opportunities. Contetto helps you do social media the right way.

Save Time

Let Contetto schedule and publish your content and followups, as well as monitor your social channels. Contetto will prompt you when you need to create more content, or take a look at a mention, comment or direct message.

Contetto Simplifies Social Media Management

Stop guessing when, where and what to post. Social media and blogging will become a part of your routine as Contetto's email, sms and (ios/android) push notifications let you know what needs to be done.

It Keeps Your Marketing Organized

The dashboard, inbox, outbox and marketing calendars keep your content, conversations and inquiries conveniently organized and accessible.

Connect with Marketing Experts

Our team is here for you. We love to connect with our clients and get to know their business - we've even been known to refer our friends to our client's businesses. We're here to help you succeed with social media marketing. Never be afraid to ask a question, and never feel lost and alone again.

Social Media Gets Easier

It's so much easier to build and maintain momentum when you know what the next logical step is, and how to take it. That's why we pair our learning portal, guidance emails and action plans with our awesome marketing app.

Avoid the Problems Most People Experience

Following the guidance in the learning portal, and using the marketing troubleshooter, you'll avoid the common mistakes that cost businesses time, money and sometimes even reputation.

Save Money

Reduce the cost of managing your online marketing, reduce customer refunds, increase retention and protect your brand's reputation by being more organized and connected.

Get Better Insight

Use the app to listen to what your market is saying, see how certain posts and content are performing and track the growth of your social engagement and following.

Learn Marketing Skills

Our marketers share the lessons we've learned. We've studied, practiced, analyzed and organized our knowledge and experience - and we're constantly adding more. Marketing skills are valuable to anyone trying to get themselves into the right job, grow a following or sell their products or services.

Internet Marketing Works BETTER than Traditional Marketing

Reach anyone, anywhere...

Develop relationships, with multiple automated interactions.

Followup automatically after a purchase.

The internet is the most used source for finding a desired product or service provider.

The majority of the population spends a significant amount of time online.

The majority of the population is now comfortable with online buying, and more willing to consume larger amounts of content on a daily basis.

The tools and systems for targeting exactly the right group of people with your message have become amazingly efficient and affordable.

Tools and systems for automating and managing all aspects of Internet Marketing have reached a point that most individuals are capable of using them with a very low learning curve.

Your competition is turning to Internet Marketing to capture the new opportunities that you're missing out on.

Contetto is the Best Tool for the Job

Reach anyone, anywhere...

Stop Using Spreadsheets

Like to plan your content ahead of time? Great! Contetto has campaign planning, review systems, assignment management and drafts. With Contetto, you can finally stop creating content in multiple places.

Control Your Blog AND Your Social Media

Contetto integrates with your Wordpress site to allow you to schedule and publish posts - including "slug" and category management.

Grow into a Team, or an Agency

Contetto accounts scale from 1 person with 1 social account, to unlimited companies, brands and multiple sets of team members. Collaboration, permissions, privacy and control are all baked into the system.

Don't fall for "content automation" and "A.I."...

Our developers are experienced with "A.I." and Machine Learning. We apply it to analytics and insights, but don't be fooled by companies that claim to automate your content.

You cannot (fully) automate content.

Your content must be unique, valuable and congruent with your brand's tone and personality to be effective.

You Don't Need Technical Skills

or ANY Social Media Experience

Don't even have a Facebook account yet? Never heard of Wordpress?

No problem!

We'll make everything as simple as possible - and teach you what you need to know.

If you get stuck, our support team is here to answer your questions.

If you need some hands-on help we offer everything from writing, graphic design and web design to custom software and app development along with complete social media management and marketing packages.

You DO Have the Time

We're all busy

We all feel like we can't add anything more to our plate....

Social media doesn't have to take over your life - but it certainly can improve it!

We'll show you how to quickly get set up, recycle previously created content and create new content in minutes.

All you have to do is follow the prompts and respond to prospects and customers.

You CAN Succeed

No matter what you've already tried...

Once you jump into the learning center you'll see exactly what you need to do...

If you get stuck, you can use our marketing troubleshooter tool to find the problem, and our support team is always here to help.

You DON'T Need to be Writer

Hate typing or don't feel your writing skills are all that great?

We'll provide content templates, scripts and show you how you can produce the majority of your content with very little writing.

We even have materials that help you learn to be a better writer!

You CAN Get Traffic

Already have a blog or website?

Nobody visiting it?

We'll show you how to drive highly targeted traffic to the right materials, with very little cost or effort.

You CAN Grow a Following

People want to consume valuable content..

Valuable content can be anything from educational or useful information to entertaining or exciting materials - picture, text, video, audio - it doesn't matter...

Whatever you have seen, done, learned or experienced - there's someone else out there who would find it interesting.

We'll show you what kind of content gets engagement, and how to grow a following with it.

You DON'T Have to Have a Product or Service to Make Money !

Think you can grow a following, but you have nothing to sell?

Not a problem!

We'll show you how to leverage traffic to earn money with advertising, and sell affiliate products to earn commissions.

Contetto Can Be Used To

Help Land More Clients

Learn about social influencing and networking to become visible to potential recruiters, and how to nurture relationships to close more deals with clients.

And don't forget... those internet marketing skills you'll learn will become valuable!

Establish Yourself as an Expert

Use social influencing and networking (you'll learn all about how these work, on the inside) to develop authority in your market.

Grow your personal brand and start experiencing what its like to have people chasing after you, instead of you pitching them!

Make an Income as an Influencer or Affiliate

Grow a following and an email list and monetize it - even if you don't have a product to sell - with sponsorships, advertisements and affiliate offers.

Promote and Sell Your Products and Services

Learn the ins and outs of internet marketing. Grow brand and offer awareness, acquire more customers and turn buyers into multi-buyers and advocates.

So, What is Contetto Worth?

Remember, it's not just a marketing app....You get access to:

The Tools you need

Action plans, checklists and a powerful, complete, social media marketing app.

The Knowledge to proceed

Lessons, tutorials, guides and swipe files will give you the confidence and clarity to do social media right.

The Support to succeed

Our support desk is staffed by certified marketing experts. It's our mission to help you achieve greatness, we're here to help.

Hours of Saved Time

On average, Contetto saves individuals 15 minutes per day, monitoring social media.

That's on top of the hours of time saved by recycling blog materials with follow-up posts....

...and the months of time saved by knowing how to use social media effectively - thanks to our guides.

If you work with clients Contetto will save you hours of follow-ups and chasing down materials and approval. Everyone can work together to discuss, draft, review and publish materials.

Even if Contetto saved you just 30 minutes a day, what would Contetto be worth to you?

More Money Made

Effective social media will make you money.

While we can't guarantee your success - we'll do everything we can to help you.

Contetto can easily pay for itself!

So, What Does Contetto Cost?

Are you an Individual ?

Sign up for
Contetto's Basic Plan

only $90 per year!

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Need Team Functionality?

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Contetto's Bronze Plan

$490 per year - or - $49 per month

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Don't Want the Training?

Don't Need Wordpress Control?
Only have a few social media accounts?

You can use Contetto 100% FREE

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Afraid of Commitment?

Think you'd like to get into social media marketing, but afraid to spend money on training, support and a year of access to our social media marketing tool?

Try Contetto Free for 30 Days

You won't be charged a dime until your trial ends, and you can cancel your account at any time.


(for individuals)


Enjoy freedom and success by growing a following with Your Unique Point of View.

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Get the tools, knowledge and support you need - right now.

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Be an Action Taker

You're in control.

It's up to you to take action and start growing your brand.

You need to take action if you want to succeed.

Contetto is for action takers. You'll never succeed if you never take action.

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