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Contetto is Easy to Use and lets you Take Control of your Brand's Image and Quickly Assess Effectiveness of your marketing.

Publish Content

Automatic scheduling of social media and blog posts. Full control over scheduling and content approval.

Manage Inquiries

Unified Social Inbox. Track, flag and reply to social comments, mentions and direct messages.


Assign content writing and post review tasks, chat with team members and control roles and permissions.


Quickly and easily monitor the effectiveness of your posts and social pages via the dashboard.

Save Time with Contetto

You can save a lot of time by using Contetto's automatic post scheduling and the assignment feature to delegate content creation to staff members. Don't worry about the wrong thing being posted - the Brand Image Management feature lets you control who's content needs to be reviewed.

You can also save a lot of time with the Color Coded Alerts in the Dashboard. A quick glance gives you insight into your brand's overall social media health.

Save even more time with the inbox! Quickly know when your brand is mentioned, a comment is made on any of your posts, or a direct message is sent to any of your social pages. Let staff members flag important comments and your Inbox Management Team will be instantly notified there's something to handle. Reply directly from within Contetto and keep track of entire conversations - as well as the sentiment/emotional tone of each response.

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Collaborate with Staff

Let your staff members glance at the Outbox to see what social promotions you're running. Team members can flag important content in the Inbox. Or even be assigned posts to write. You can even give your senior staff the power to post and reply directly to social media, and review the content suggestions of newer team members.

Contetto has built in assignment management, content reviews, customizable roles and permissions as well as instant messaging chat rooms so you can stay organized.

Brand Image Management

Contetto lets you control what is published by enforcing content approval rules.

You can give certain team members permission to create content, but prevent it from being published without approval. This can be enforced on a per user, or per social account basis and can even require sequential approval by multiple departments.

Image management also applies to the inbox; enable certain users to review the inbox and flag messages - but not reply themselves.

Marketing Dashboard - With Color Coded Alerts

Contetto's dashboard gives you powerful insight into your growth rate, engagement demographics, inbox metrics and team contribution levels. Don't waste time trying to manually analyze your social posts, Contetto will do it for you - with beautiful, interactive charts and Color Coded Alerts.

Post Performance Analytics

Contetto will analyze each one of your social media and blog posts. Performance is assessed against previous posts of the same type, to the same page, and against various other variables such as timing, season and post performance by other users in your vertical. We'll let you know which post styles are doing well, and which ones to avoid in the future.

Powerful Social Inbox

All your followers' comments, direct messages and mentions get collected into one place: the Contetto Inbox. From there, team members with the right permissions, can flag messages as needing the attention of senior staff, or reply directly to carry on conversations on social networks without ever leaving Contetto.

Never Miss an Opportunity

Product inquiries on social media are a great opportunity to engage a new customer, but social media users expect a quick response. Monitor everything and reply directly in Contetto.

Customer Service via Social Media

More and more users are turning to social media for customer support. Contetto keeps you informed of every mention, comment and message.

Team Collaboration

Let your team monitor the inbox. Trusted users can reply, and others can flag messages that need attention.

Automatic Post Scheduling

Based on your business vertical, customized post schedule, Post Performance Analysis and Contetto's Smart Recommendations - you can simply drop in content and let Contetto decide when to post it. Contetto let's you see, and control, when posts will be scheduled.

Automatic Review Process

Let Contetto enforce your approve-to-post rules for particular social accounts or staff.

Blog Followup

Automatically linked social posts can be published a set period after your blog post gets published.

Post Assignments

You can enter as much or as little post data as you want, and assign someone else to finish it.

Know What's Happening

Contetto let's you know if you're running out of content, or the review process going too slow.

Boost Productivity

Increase efficiency, reach more potential customers and keep your customer base satisfied and returning with ease!

Color Coded Alerts

Want to know the health of your social pages with a 5 second glance? With Contetto's Dashboard and Color Coded Alerts you can! Just take a quick glance to know if your following is growing or shrinking, if you're getting more or less engagement, and if your assignments and posts are being handled on time.

Smart Recommendations

Contetto analyzes content posted by all members in your business vertical. We even scour the internet for related and social posts. Based on the content, timing, audience and engagement levels, Contetto makes smart recommendations tailored specifically to each of your page's audience behaviour.


Not everyone's a writer, and not everone's a marketing expert. Why not assign content creation tasks to those who excel at it? Contetto let's you define a topic, a deadline, give a little inspiration and upload some useful files - then ship the writing effort off to someone else. When they're done, you'll be able to review it -- or they can chat with you about it directly via the built-in Post Chatroom.

Chat with Your Staff

Contetto has built in instant messaging that let's you continue conversations on mobile, and desktop, while working on your marketing tasks. You can create as many chat rooms as you want, private or public, and even discuss post assignments in their own special rooms.

Blog Post - Social Followup

We've built in a convenient followup template system. When you post a blog with Contetto, you can grab snippets out of the content to have automatically posted (and linked to the Blog) at certain intervals after the blog post is published. This way you don't have to worry about shifting your followup posts around if you decide to postpone or accelerate publishing your blog article.

Manage Unlimited Companies

Work in as many teams, brands and companies as you like. Contetto keeps you informed of what's happening in all of them, while maintaining clear separation of files, data and conversations. Fine grain permission control, custom roles and per-brand team management were built into Contetto since day 1.

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Contetto is meant to make it quick and easy for the inexperienced business owner to use the most popular social platforms. The system takes the guess-work out of when to post, and let's business owners and select managers control what goes out - while any employees who want to participate can securely contribute content from their smart phone or computer.

Is there an App?

Contetto is in both the Android Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and is compatible with most modern smart phones and tablets.

What Social Media does Contetto Support?

Contetto supports automated scheduling to Twitter, Facebook and Wordpress - along with mention tracking, direct message management and post comments.

Is Contetto Safe?

Contetto's user interface and API are both behind SSL Encryption, and data and services are stored in the state of the art Cloud Platform. We do not share, sell or redistribute any personal information and we do not store credit card details or social account passwords.

How many Companies can I manage?

You can manage unlimited companies and brands inside Contetto. The number of brands and team members may be limited your subscription plan.

How many Social Accounts can I manage?

There is no limit to the number of Social Accounts that can be connected to your Brand inside Contetto. However, the number of social accounts permitted per brand may be limited by your subscription plan.

Can I Connect my Self-Hosted Wordpress Website?

Yes. Contetto will manage post scheduling to your or .org based website.

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  • Posting schedules recommended specifically for your business
  • Automatic post scheduling
  • Draft management
  • Post assignments
  • Review channels
  • Review-required user roles
  • Unlimited custom roles
  • Built in administrator, manager and team member roles
  • Color coded dashboard alerts
  • Push notifications
  • SMS Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Browser and Desktop notifications
  • Customizable session timeouts
  • Mobile friendly navigation
  • iPhone / iPad app in App Store
  • Android app in Play Store
  • Web app compatible with all major browsers
  • Cloud Platform hosting
  • File management
  • Blog Scheduling
  • Twitter Scheduling
  • Facebook Scheduling
  • Twitter mention tracking and reply
  • Twitter direct message tracking and reply
  • Facebook page mention tracking and reply
  • Cloud based access from anywhere
  • Access from any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Facebook post comment tracking and reply
  • Facebook page direct message tracking and reply
  • Per-account review condition management
  • Per-post review condition management
  • Inbox item flagging
  • Control who can access the inbox
  • Control who can create post content
  • Control who can reply in the inbox
  • Control who can approve posts
  • Cloud file storage
  • Machine learning powered recommendations
  • Expert marketing research fueled business vertical recommendations
  • Campaign management
  • Target audience configuration
  • Join unlimited teams
  • Invite unlimited team members
  • Create unlimited chat rooms
  • Chat while you work on other tasks
  • Chat mentions and notifications
  • Discuss post content and tasks directly in the post editor
  • Blog followup scheduling
  • Outbox let's you glance at what has and is being posted
  • Powerful inbox filters
  • Sentiment analysis on incoming messages
  • Powerful outbox filters
  • Post photos directly from your smart phone or tablet.
  • Unified social calendar with month, week, day and list views and powerful filters
  • Color coded scheduling on the calendar
  • Drag and drop rescheduling on the calendar
  • Assignment calendar with powerful filters
  • Alerts when assignments may not be ready on time
  • Alerts when recommended posting times do not contain scheduled content
  • Customizable recurring posting schedules, per account and post type
  • Department management
  • Per-brand content manager role for fallback review assignments
  • Follower, engagement and inbox charts
  • Post metrics and charts
  • SSL Encryption
  • Full Developer API
  • Support ticket system with screen shot function
  • Manually schedule posts
  • Post Now function
  • Post to multiple social accounts at once
  • Category management
  • Tag management
  • Availability toggle
  • Do Not Disturb hours
  • Upcoming posts at a glance
  • Free Posting Slots at a glance
  • Assignments at a glance
  • Pending drafts at a glance

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