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Contetto enables businesses to deploy an effective marketing force.

Save time, reduce effort and increase business with the #1 collaborative marketing tool.

Deploy your team today and experience collaborative marketing free for 30 days.

Contetto is Your Marketing Headquarters

Manage Wordpress, Facebook, and Twitter as a team. Plan, communicate, analyze and publish your marketing materials from one easy to use app.

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Plan and Schedule your Wordpress, Facebook and Twitter posts

Conveniently schedule posts for your blog and social accounts and Contetto will publish them automatically, according to the posting schedule you put in place.

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Manage all your accounts from one place

With Contetto, you can manage all of your Wordpress and social media accounts in one place. No more wasting time, no more logging into multiple social accounts. You can even manage multiple brands seprately, from the same account.

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Confirm a Posting Schedule

Choose the dates and times you want to publish to each account.

Contetto will analyze your type of business to make recommendations, but you can customize this schedule at any time.

Schedule Posts on the Calendar

Create blog and social posts when you have time, and Contetto will automatically share them according to your schedule.

You can create drafts, assign content writing/approval tasks to team mates, and override the preset schedule at any time.

Engage and Grow

Contetto makes it easy to understand the types of content your following best responds to.

Contetto pulls every comment, direct message and mention into a unified inbox, where you can easily review and respond to keep your following engaged.

Manage your Marketing on the Go

Contetto's mobile app keeps you connected and in control no matter where you are. Schedule posts, approve content, and respond to inquires from any internet enabled device.

Work Efficiently as a Team

Add your staff, marketing manager or clients and work collectively to boost your marketing.

Contetto is built to allows agencies to work with clients. It allows businesses work with agencies and staff, to make social media management a fun experience.

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Customize Team Roles

Control what each team member has access to. Let users suggest content, review analytics or write posts and respond to inquiries.

All without giving direct access to social accounts or passwords.

Assign and Approve Content

Create tasks for your team, go back and forth with change requests and automatically publish approved content.

Never worry about inappropriate posts. Approve anything written by your team, before its published.

Flag Inbox Items

Let your team review follower inquiries. You decide if they can reply directly, or flag items for a manager to handle.

Social media is a contact sport - make sure every interaction is handled properly.


Quickly see your best content as well as following and engagement growth.

IOS & Android

Mobile apps with push notifications keep you up to date and in control.

Campaign Planning

Enjoy campaign planning rooms with team chat and post queues.

Color Coded Alerts

At-a-glance analysis of your brand's health. See your KPIs, tasks & queue health.


Easily organize your marketing content on our drag-and-drop calendar.


Communicate instantly with your team using built our built-in messenger.

Bronze Plan

Brand 1
Social Accounts 10
Team Members 3
Posts/Month 1000
Storage 100GB

Silver Plan

Brands 2
Social Accounts 20
Team Members 6
Posts/Month 2000
Storage 200GB

Gold Plan

Brands 5
Social Accounts 50
Team Members 15
Posts/Month 3000
Storage 300GB
Plans $49/mo $99/mo $149/mo
Bronze Silver Gold
Brands 1 2 5
Social Accounts 10 20 50
Team Members 3 6 15
Posts/Month 1000 2000 3000
Storage 100GB 200GB 300GB

Expert Marketing Support

Our support staff includes world class marketing experts. We're here help answer your questions - whether they are about Contetto or your marketing efforts in general.

Start saving time, and working on social media as a team today.

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